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B. A. Advertising and Sales Management

 Core  Advertising & Sales Management
 Duration  6 Semesters
 Eligibility   Plus Twoin any stram
 Intake  48

Advertising and Sales Management is a newly designed Government aided double main undergraduate stream in 2021 embedded the finest in mainstream advertising and sales management techniques. It gives the aspirants the potential of earning an accredited, prestigious bachelor’s around your schedule. Students receive a  comprehensive undergraduate experience in a flexible format and master the experience requisite to be competitive, effective advertising profession. Students can gain practical exposure in advertising and sales management through live projects, events, internships, and career advancement modules offered by the programme.

Learning Resources

ENG1 Commom Course (Video)
ENG1A01 Transactions:Essential English Language Skill (Videos)
ENG1AO2 Ways with Words literatures in English (Documents) (Videos)
ENG2A03 Writing for Academic & Professional Success (Documents) (Videos-I) (Videos II)
ENG2A04 Zeitgeist :Reading on Contemporary Culture (Documents)
ENG3A05 Signatures (Documents) (Videos-I) (Videos II)
ENG3A06 Spectrum (Videos)
Open Course Environmental Chemistry (Video)